Saturday, 9 April 2016

Mega Puzzle Quilt Tutorial

45" x 45" 
Toddler Quilt 

I love the grandness of modern patterns done to a larger scale.  This is one of those patterns where you sew a couple of blocks together, do some strategic stitching and cutting, then put it back together in a way that is GENIUS!  In this tutorial I am so happy to share my HUGE version of an old favorite.  Please enjoy.   

Materials to make 4 - 23" blocks :

1 metre or 4 Fat Quarters of bright colours.

1 metre or 4 Fat Quarters of a light background.            Note: 1 metre = 39"


Cut 4 bright coloured squares and 4 background squares 18" each. 

With right sides together line up 1 bright and 1 background square.
Above 2 photos and as in the diagram below: 

On the top left make a mark 3 1/2" down.

On the bottom right make a mark 3 1/2" up. 

Stitch as shown in the above diagram.  Do not stitch in the 3 1/2" spaces. 

Keeping your 3 1/2" open edges on the top left and bottom right, cut your block on a diagonal into 2 large triangles. 

Put the bright sides together,  carefully lining up your 2 triangles as in the photo below.  


Rearrange your triangles to the position of the above photo.  Make a cut 3 1/2" from the left side and 3 1/2" from the bottom edges.  

Now for the fun part!   Open up your pieces and arrange them as in these 2 photos.

Sew them together as you would a 9 patch. 

 When your block is sewn together the edges will be uneven as in the above photo.  

 Trim the block to 23", being careful to centre the pattern. 

4 big blocks results in a Toddler Quilt approx. 45" square. 

You can find the original "Tavern Puzzle" quilt pattern and lots of other block patterns 
on my Pinterest page: QUILT BLOCKS

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  1. Isn't this the Arrowhead block? i like it!

    1. When we made the small block pattern at my guild it was called "Tavern Puzzle". I enjoyed the project!