Sunday, 25 January 2015

Setting Odd Blocks with 2 1/2" Strips

Having some nice odd blocks in my stash that I wanted to use up got me thinking about how I could lay them out in a pleasing, simple way for a charity quilt project. 

I also had a huge pile of 2 1/2" Strips and they worked beautifully as a setting background for the odd blocks.  When I am done working on a new quilt I will often cut the remnants of fabric into these strips for future use.  Keeping these in 2 bags, one with warm colors and one with cool colors keeps them ready for my next scrap quilt.  Here is the Warm & Cool Color Demo. 

For this quilt I used the warm colors.  The gray neutrals worked because of the warm undertones. 

This completed top is approx. 60 x 60". 

Start by adding a neutral border to your odd block
with enough fabric that you can trim it to 12 1/2"
Note:  This lovely gray fabric was one of my husband's shirts that was almost brand new.  He didn't like it.  Normally I would not recommend used clothing for quilts, but when the fabric is still very new it is a good recycle idea.  Make sure it is 100% cotton. 
Use small pieces of painters tape to mark off your 12 1/2" size. 
Trim your blocks, being sure to centre them in your border.  

 My quilt used 6 blocks, but you can easily use any number that you have. 

Using this 2 1/2" Strip Quilting Method and your warm colored neutrals, make your setting background strips.  It took about 40 WOF (width of fabric) strips to have enough for my background.  You will need 6 strips side-by-side to make the 12 1/2" setting background pieces.  These strips are joined on the bias, but this is not necessary.  I chose to do this so the diagonal would repeat throughout my quilt because of the diagonal pattern in my odd blocks. 

After you have pairs of strips, divide them into 3 even lengths and
sew them together until 6 strips are joined. 

Next, lay out your odd blocks on the floor or a design board in a pleasing pattern, imagining your strips in between.  Keep in mind the finished quilt size that you desire when you do this. 
Measure the length in between your blocks. 
Cut the 6-strip sets to this desired length,
adding 1/2" for your seam allowance. 
Sew the 6-strip sets in between your blocks and
continue with this process until your top is complete. 



 I love this quilt top and I'm sure someone very special will enjoy it :)


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Monday, 5 January 2015

One Hundred Faces On My iPhone

By invitation from my artist friend, Eleanor Lowden , I have embarked upon the #onehundredfaces project. My objective is to produce one hundred faces in one hundred days, sharing them on social media through Instagram

I love art and need to produce something everyday!   The #onehundredfaces project is typically done by using paint as the medium.  As I travel on occasion, I asked myself how I would be able to accomplish this.  What medium will I have with me at all times?  My iPhone is always with me - iPhone photography is what I will do, taking photos of faces in things.  I use only the included features on the iPhone or Instagram to enhance them.

Please see my #onehundredfaces on  Instagram.


 Day 1 
"The Laughing Quilt"

 Day 2
"Mug Shot"

 Day 3
"Scary Snow"

Day 4
"Wii Gotta Get Fit"

Day 5
"Elephant In The Room"