Wednesday 1 May 2013

Wildflower Block - Tutorial (2 1/2" Strip Pieced)


Spring is Coming! 
The Daffodils are just starting to bloom in my yard and I am inspired
to design something floral themed. 
Here is my new "Wildflower Block". 

I love this diagonal setting.  



2 WOF (width of fabric) 2 1/2" Dark Strips. 

1 WOF 2 1/2" Light Strip.


Dark Fabric:
8 - 6 1/2" rectangles. 
2 - 12 1/2" rectangles. 

Light Fabric:
16 - 2 1/2" squares.

 Here are your cut pieces.

Mark a diagonal line across each light square.

Place the squares on the ends of the 6 1/2" rectangles,
watching your angles as in these photos.  

Sew along the diagonal lines. 
Trim away the excess fabric. 

Press the seams open.

Layout the pieces as in this photo. 

Sew the 6 1/2" rectangle pieces together, end to end. 

Sew the strips together in pairs.

Complete your block. 
Square to 12 1/2". 

Layout in a square or diagonal setting.   

Happy Spring :)


Here is a tutorial for completing the quilt...



  1. I love this block..Great tutorial. I have it printed out, will probably make it tomorrow..;o) Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're very welcome! Thank you :)

  3. The block is so beautiful, when I first saw it I just stared at it. Awesome. Thank you

    1. Thank you, Rose, for your very sweet comment:)

  4. Beautiful site and beautiful fabrics. Thank you!

  5. Precioso este trabajo, me agrada sobre todo para realizar una colcha individual para mi nieta.Gracias por mostrar tan preciosos proyectos.

  6. Forgive me for asking, but can't you do these as snowball blocks? Wouldn't that give the same effect?

    1. I am giving an alternative for the snowball with 2 1/2" strips, but you certainly could use snowball blocks if you prefer that method. Have fun quilting :)