Friday, 13 June 2014

The Radiating Chevrons

The binding is on and The Radiating Chevrons are complete!  

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Please enjoy some detailed photos of this project. 

 The blue chevrons radiating from bottom to top.  

A view of the brown radiating chevrons.  

 The binding edge which is sewn on from back to front.  
The fancy zig-zag repeats the chevron pattern. 

Custom quilting detail by Lorraine Appleby of Calgary, AB. 

Here are links to the pattern:


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wildflower Improvise Tutorial

My year of completion has resulted in some fun and new projects.

This week I brought out the Wildflower Block that I designed a year ago and have worked it into a modern quilt top.

I pulled the soft neutrals, pinks, and greens out of my scrap basket and have incorporated them into a new and improvised setting.

Add scrap strips to the sides of the Wildflower Blocks.
Press as you go. 
Use any random width of strip.  
Trim to 18" square. 

Next step...the cat tells you that it's going to be a fabulous quilt!

Using this Crazy Quilting method, make "Log Cabin" Style blocks with your neutral colors.   
Using a touch of pink for some of the block centres creates continuity in my finished quilt. 

Make 36 blocks.

Trim the blocks to 9 1/4" square. 

The Wildflower Block in the diagonal setting measures 18" x 18".

Pairs of the Log Cabin blocks sewn together measure 18" x 9 1/4"

4 of the Log Cabin blocks sewn together measures 18" x 18".

Layout the individual blocks into your desired setting.  Start piecing them together into sections.  
It worked well to sew pairs and 4 blocks together to start, 
gradually building up into sections as in the above photo. 

Build up to larger sections. 

Sew your final seams. 

The finished quilt top measures approx. 53" x 71". 

Here is a link to the Neutral Color Theory.