Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Chevron Strip-Tube


 4" WOF (width of fabric) Strips in 3 Colors.
Half of these are the background color. 

4 - 4" Strips Sewn Together in two pairs.
One background color in each pair.  

 2 pairs of strips sewn together on both edges creating a tube,
 alternating the background color.  

Use the 45 degree line on a 15" square ruler to cut your blocks. 

The 45 degree line is along the seamline on the blue strip (top of tube).  

 Cut along the right edge of the ruler.  

 Alternate the 45 degree line
to the opposite seam edge of the tube (bottom edge) 
and make your cut on the right edge of the ruler.   

Open up your blocks and it's a beautiful sight :)  
Each WOF tube will make 5 - 10" blocks

This is the start of my quilt after 2 tubes have been cut into blocks. 
I'm so excited...I have to get back to quilting.  

Here's Lulu...
It's the perfect kind of quilting day.
Soup's on, bread's in the oven,
and Willie Nelson is playing on the stereo. 
Quilt & Laugh :)

Link here for the layouts for Strip-Tube Chevrons.