Tuesday 19 November 2013

Chevron Strip-Tube


 4" WOF (width of fabric) Strips in 3 Colors.
Half of these are the background color. 

4 - 4" Strips Sewn Together in two pairs.
One background color in each pair.  

 2 pairs of strips sewn together on both edges creating a tube,
 alternating the background color.  

Use the 45 degree line on a 15" square ruler to cut your blocks. 

The 45 degree line is along the seamline on the blue strip (top of tube).  

 Cut along the right edge of the ruler.  

 Alternate the 45 degree line
to the opposite seam edge of the tube (bottom edge) 
and make your cut on the right edge of the ruler.   

Open up your blocks and it's a beautiful sight :)  
Each WOF tube will make 5 - 10" blocks

This is the start of my quilt after 2 tubes have been cut into blocks. 
I'm so excited...I have to get back to quilting.  

Here's Lulu...
It's the perfect kind of quilting day.
Soup's on, bread's in the oven,
and Willie Nelson is playing on the stereo. 
Quilt & Laugh :)

Link here for the layouts for Strip-Tube Chevrons. 


  1. I had a lot of fun trying out the "Strip Quilt-2 Ways" blocks! Thanks for sharing! Is there a way to download the pattern so that the user doesn't have to keep referring to the computer for the instructions and diagrams?

  2. I'm so glad that you have enjoyed this project! Bloggers love it when you browse as our advertisers pay for "airtime", so please continue to use the instructions and photos. Thank you so very much, Melanie

  3. Trabajo muy bello!Felicitaciones!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I am curious what the yardage of fabric was that you used..it says three colors and 4" Wof strips but not how many yards of each. Thanks again

    1. Hi DiAnna, 2 metres of the light fabric and 1 metre of each of your colors will be enough for the size of quilt in this post. Thank you for your interest and have a great day :)

  5. How long should the strips be? How many strips do you need to make?

    1. Thank you for your question.

      The strips are cut the width-of-fabric, selvage to selvage. This is approx. 40-45" depending on your fabric. Each WOF (width-of-fabric) tube will make 5 - 10" blocks. My quilt used 48 blocks. I made 10 tubes which resulted in 50 blocks. I had 2 leftover blocks.

  6. love the quilt. Want to make it with a jelly roll, how will that work?

    1. Hi Susan, It will work perfectly. The change will be the size of the resulting block once you cut the tube. My block is 10" when complete. Yours will be a smaller block using a jelly roll.

  7. Love the idea of strip sewing! However, when I tried sewing the blocks together I got offset lines/strips. I sewed horizontal first then vertical seams. What's your trick to putting these blocks together? I noticed the blocks in the photos were not put together.

    1. Hi Kathy, If you go to Chevron Strip Part 2 (link above on this blog post in orange letters) you will see the finished project and layout options. With the bias edges of this block you need to ease the seams together as you sew. This will make them lay together easily. Thank you for your good question. Melanie