Friday 9 June 2023

Blog Revisit 5 - Odd Block Basket - Success Saturday!


Success Saturday is all about showcasing those quicker quilting projects. We love the idea of making something beautiful, that doesn't have to be big, especially as the summer months fill up schedules. 


Check out how easy it is to pull together these Cute Odd Block Baskets.  

All you'll need to get started is:
- a finished block
- backing fabric
- some old cardboard.

Please find the complete tutorial HERE

How cheerful is this revised Aunty & Annie version in the 

Patrick Lose "Dapple" Fabric ?

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Blog Revisit 4 - The 3 & 8 Quilt Block

Named the "3 & 8 Quilt" for the sizes of the cut squares which make up this block, it is fun to make and has so many variations of how to arrange the blocks for a cheerful quilt top! 


Please find the complete 

"3 & 8 Block" Tutorial here.

 These samples are made with the gorgeous 

"Dapple" fabrics by Patrick Lose Studios, 

a division of Northcott Fabrics. 


Tuesday 14 March 2023

Blog Revisit 3 - Warm and Cool Colours for Quilters


Working with the simple concept of Warm and Cool Colours is a wonderful colour theory for quilters to use. The concept is simple and the results are spectacular!   


Warm and Cool Colours

Warm Colours 

Cool Colours


Please see the full explanation and tutorial here:   

Warm and Cool Colour Theory for Quilters


The gorgeous Dapple Fabrics 

provided by Patrick Lose Studio, 

a division of Northcott.