Thursday, 6 December 2012

Warm and Cool Color Demo for Quilters

Of all the Color Theories, the warm/cool concept is very practical and manageable for quilters.  It is easy to understand. 

Starting with a 12 point color wheel, divide it in half keeping the yellow and green divided. 

The warm side consists of  yellow/orange/red.  
This may make you think of fire and sun.  

The cool side consists of green/blue/purple.
This may make you think of cool water, grass and sky. 


This patterned example will give you an idea
of how fabric might look as a Color Wheel. 


The Demo:

First start with a bag of scraps. 

Here are the scraps spread out onto the table. 
All the colors in the color wheel, mixed all together. 

Now start to divide them, using the color wheel as your guide. 

This is the warm color pile: yellow, orange, and red scraps. 

The warm neutrals of browns and creams
work best with the warm colors. 

This is the cool color pile:  greens, blues, and purples. 

The cool neutrals of black, gray and white
work best with the cool colors. 

A sample of warm color scraps sewn together. 

A sample of cool color scraps sewn together. 


The following quilts are all made from scraps. 

This quilt I made pulling
any and all colors out of the scrap bag.
(Custom quilting by: Virginia Klarenbach)

Here is a link to the method:

This quilt I made pulling
only warm colors out of the scrap bag. 

This quilt I made pulling
only cool colors out of the scrap bag. 
(Custom Quilting by: Lorraine Appleby)

Thank you for looking at this demo...Melanie

These photos are from the Chinook Guild of Fibre Arts Demo in Calgary on December 10th. 

Please see this additional post for Neutral Color Theory
 - excellent for choosing fabric for your Mystery Quilts

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Felted Purse

For those of you who knit you may enjoy this little felted purse, made with 100% wool. 
I just started making these felted projects and they are a lot of fun. 

Here is a link to the free pattern. 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Braided Rugs

I met a very lovely lady at the craft show at the BMO Centre in Calgary last week.  She was making beautiful knit-felted handbags that she was selling there.  We had a conversation about fibre art and somehow the braided rugs came up. Here are a few of the old fashioned braided rugs that I have made.  These rugs are made with strips that are braided into each other every row.  I took a class in this technique with my mom and a friend a number of years ago. 

 This rug is approx. 4' diameter. 

 This rug is approx. 3' diameter. 

 This rug is approx. 3' diameter.