Friday 7 June 2013

Denim Curves Quilt - Tutorial

Working with JEANS
to reduce bulk and work with the full leg length to produce a quilt... 
here is the result. 

 Cut your jean legs into lengths. 

Square up the edges. 

Cut off the hem.

Cut a piece of coordinating fabric a similar width and the exact length of your cut denim. It is not important that the width be exact, but the length must be identical. 

With right sides facing UP, layer the 2 long pieces together,  
keeping the ends even.    

Using a rotary cutter,  cut a very gentle curve through the length of the layered fabric pieces. Start off-center, cutting about 2" straight before starting your very gentle curve.  End with 2" straight at the end of your very gentle curve.

Here are the cut pieces. 

Alternate the cut pieces with the opposite fabric.

Evenly lay the pieces so the short ends are lined up with each other. 

While the fabric is laying flat...
Pin-mark both fabrics across from each other
at approximately the quarter points.

Pin-marked fabric. 

Right sides together, pin the curved edges together at the pin-marks. 

Gently ease the fabric with a soft tug and sew a scant 1/4" seam.  
Because the curves were cut very gently this is much like 
sewing a straight seam. 

The sewn seam. 

Press the seam towards the coordinating fabric. 

Square up the sewn strip by lining up a fold on a line on your cutting mat
and trimming the edges as necessary. 

The completed curved fabric. 

Make many curved fabric pieces and sew them together into a quilt.

Please see this link for detailed photos 
of the completed project,
 including quilting lines.    


  1. right sides together before cutting?

  2. Right sides are both facing UP before cutting the curves. I will update that in the directions. Thank you :)