Sunday, 28 February 2016

Setting Odd Blocks With 2 1/2" Strips: Update / Quilting Process

 Selecting the backing fabric. 
I like the squares in a vertical line which coordinate with the quilt top. 

I have pinned the quilt with spacing every 4 - 6 inches.  
For this quilt I used an economical polyester batting
that I purchased at Fabricland (Canada) for $20. 
It is a good quality batting, washable, and very easy to work with. 

Stitching the Wavy Lines!
 My Janome has an excellent Walking Foot for this type of quilting.  
I like the wavy lines for casual quilts that will be well loved.  

       This Wavy Line option has 2 side-by-side rows with a single row crossing them.  

In this last photo you may notice the seat cushion that I use.  This works like an exercise ball, helping to keep my posture straight and my core tight.  If you invest in one of these, be sure to work up to using it full time.  Start with 15 minute increments until you get used to it.  I purchased this from a massage therapist about 7 years ago.  These are know as Core Disk Seat Cushions.  

We may as well exercise while we sit!

Please find the QUILT PATTERN HERE.

Happy Quilting Everyone :)

Wildflower Quilt Tutorial


  1. Love your backing choice and the wavy, intersecting quilting lines. I'm new at quilting and wondered if they are easy to quilt. Any tips? Could it be done on a domestic sewing machine with a smaller throat than yours?

    1. Hi Cindy, Yes these wavy lines are easy to quilt and can be done on a machine with a smaller throat. They are fun and quick, giving an artistic result, even for beginners. I will put a couple of pictures and some explanation on my Facebook page at