Friday, 15 January 2016

Vintage Vacation is Complete!

I pondered on how to stitch this quilt for some time.  The top was made in July of 2013.  I feel certain and hopeful that many of you can relate to this conundrum (I wish I was talking about the wine)!

A couple of months ago I set the top, backing fabric, and batting on my sewing table to ponder on how to stitch it.  It sat there, staring me down, while I worked around it on a couple more projects including the San Tan Valley Sunset and the Denim Triangle Bag.

The fabric for this quilt was a gift from a very good friend.  Her mother had it in the cupboard since the 1970s.  It was clean and still smelled like Downy!  During a trip to Japan I was inspired to create this pattern after a fantastic ride on the Bullet Train past some incredible scenery. 

Waking up one morning last week I knew how to quilt it!  A fancy double zig-zag would resemble ric-rac from the 1970s and it would also mimic the angular, mountainous design of the quilt. 

 I used up the extra 1970s fabric in the backing... 
 ...and added a lime green binding to pull the colors from one of the floral fabrics.  
I also used the fancy zig-zag to stitch down the binding and used 
my  3-Pin Binding technique to make the join. 

Here is a link to the

Now I have a craving for A & W Rootbeer...cheers!


  1. Orange is not usually my favorite color, but your quilt is just terrific! It all works so well.

    1. I agree with you about orange...the results of this quilt are such a surprise!