Wednesday 20 March 2013

Crazy Quilting Tutorial


Do you know that a grocery bag full of scrap fabric
will make at least 5 quilt tops!  Wow! 

Inspired by strip-piecing, here is a fabulous way 
to make your "Crazy" Blocks.  Enjoy!


Start with "Strips" and "Pieces" of fabric. 

Lay your "strip" right-side-up on your sewing machine.  

Placing "pieces" right-side-down on top of the strip.
Sew the pieces, right sides together, 
to the edge of the strip.  

Each "piece" will be the start of an individual block. 
Start only as many as you need for your quilt top. 
30 makes a nice size quilt. 
Randomly shaped centres make nice completed blocks. 

You can even "fussy cut" the first 30 pieces if you are ambitious. 
If these first 30 pieces can be of similar color or fabric, 
this makes for nice continuity in your quilt. 

Once you have as many started as you need: 

Press them open.  

Cut them apart

These will be your "pieces" for the next "strips".   

Now repeat the Strip & Piece process
until you have your desired block size.  

9 1/2" is a nice size for doing
a traditional sashed block setting.  

Trim your blocks to size at the angle you desire. 

For this demo I am making them 6 1/2" square. 

 Notice how changing the ruler angle
makes such a different and interesting block. 

Ruler tip:  

When cutting out squares,
if you place your ruler in a "diamond" setting,
you can cut 2 sides at once. 

Look at these beautiful finished blocks!  
Such a great result. 

Add some fancy stitching
for a traditional looking Crazy Block.

Four 6 1/2" blocks sewn together makes a 12 1/2" block.

Here is a completed quilt by my friend Connie.
She used a light colored sashing for a new and wonderful look! 

These Crazy Blocks are also a great start to any setting that has a block, or even a rectangle,  centre.  This will result in a log cabin style block. 

Here is a link to a pattern that I designed called

"The Crazy Basket of Friendship".  
Such a fun and different setting for my Crazy Blocks. 


  1. Now this is something I can do! Thank you for sharing :)

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  3. Классно! очень понравилась техника, буду пробовать!

    1. I love Google Translate - Thank you for your comment :)