Monday, 28 May 2012

Week 3 - Palette - Warm and Cool Colors

Cool Colors

Warm Colors

When the Color Wheel is divided in half, there is a warm side and a cool side.  The warm side is predominantly red, orange, and yellow.  The cool side is predominantly blue, green, and purple.  There are varying opinions on where the exact division lies on the Color Wheel.  For example: the red-purple hue can flip over to the cool side, where the yellow-green hue can become part of the warm side.  The photos above show fabric examples of the Cool and Warm Color Schemes. 

A picture of the Color Wheel is posted on Thurs, April 26th. 


My project this week is an experiment of sorts.  I made a scrap quilt top, dividing the warm and cool colors then making stripped blocks.  The warm area represents a sunset, and the cool area represents water.  The neutral brown/cream area is the shoreline.  I split the quilt top in 2 sections and wrapped it over stretched canvas.  These 2 canvasses will become underpaintings for a modern landscape.

 Warm Colors.

 Cool Colors.

Predominantly Warm Canvas (Before).

 Predominantly Cool Canvas (Before). 

 "Before" Canvas' together on the easel.  The finished painting are shown in "Week 3 - Complete".

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