Tuesday 4 March 2014

Denim Country Quilt



After cutting out a project and there are small amounts of fabric left, 
I like to cut them into 2 1/2" strips and collect them until I have enough for a project.   

To mix with my denim I have selected the "cool" colored strips. 

Here is the theory:  


You will need approx. 30 WOF 2 1/2" strips (or equivalent, depending on the length of your strips).  
Sew them end to end creating one very, very, very long strip :)   
Press all the seams in one direction.  

  Starting with the very ends of the single width strip, 
place the 2 layers right-sides-together and 
use a 1/4" seam to create a 4 1/2" wide strip. 
If you have a twist at the end 
cut it apart before you complete your seam. 

Cut this into 30" segments.  

Using 2 pairs of jeans (4 legs), cut them into 4 1/2" wide pieces and into random lengths.   
I cut them 10" - 24" long.  
The more random you do this, the more variety there will be in your finished quilt. 

Alternating these 4 1/2" denim pieces with the 4 1/2" strips from above, 
sew them end to end creating another very long strip. 

Using the same process as previously and starting with the very ends of the 4 1/2" strip 
place the 2 layers right-sides-together and 
use a 1/4" seam to create an 8 1/2" wide very long strip.
 Cut the 8 1/2" wide strip into 40" lengths.  
Lay them out into a design that pleases you.  
Do not sew them together quite yet.  

 Cut your pockets into 8 1/2" widths.  The lengths may vary and that works well.


Place the pockets where you would like them to be inserted.  
Cut the necessary strips, then seam in the pockets.

Trim the strips with the pockets to 40" and lay out your quilt again. 

 Sew the strips together. 

Add a 2 1/2" border.

Add an 8" border.

I like the direction of these pockets.  
When someone wraps up in it the pockets may be useful :)


 This finished quilt top is approx. 59" x 76".

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  1. Just found this pattern through Fave Quilts. I have been saving jeans forever - this is a great idea. Love using the pockets. Thanks.

  2. I'm new to sewing and quilting was on the top of my sewing list. Didn't know where to get started until now. Thanks will be making a quilt out of my boys jeans. Thanks again for the great idea.

    1. This is still one of my favorite quilts. Have fun!