Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Joining a Quilt Binding - My "No Math" Method

I enjoyed a lovely day this week with my friends at the ALBERTA QUILT STUDY SOCIETY.  We got together to make quilts for CANADA'S BIG QUILT BEE.  

While one of the ladies was putting a binding on a quilt the conversation started about how everyone joins their bindings together while sewing them onto a quilt.  This led to me doing a demo on my 3-PIN BINDING JOIN.  It's the easiest method ever, requiring no math, with perfect results everytime.

I am re-posting the original version here as a lot of you followers were not with me at that time.

You are gonna love this! 


Here are some photos of quilt tops that we made at our Quilting Bee.  


Canada's Big Quilt Bee


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