Monday, 5 January 2015

One Hundred Faces On My iPhone

By invitation from my artist friend, Eleanor Lowden , I have embarked upon the #onehundredfaces project. My objective is to produce one hundred faces in one hundred days, sharing them on social media through Instagram

I love art and need to produce something everyday!   The #onehundredfaces project is typically done by using paint as the medium.  As I travel on occasion, I asked myself how I would be able to accomplish this.  What medium will I have with me at all times?  My iPhone is always with me - iPhone photography is what I will do, taking photos of faces in things.  I use only the included features on the iPhone or Instagram to enhance them.

Please see my #onehundredfaces on  Instagram.


 Day 1 
"The Laughing Quilt"

 Day 2
"Mug Shot"

 Day 3
"Scary Snow"

Day 4
"Wii Gotta Get Fit"

Day 5
"Elephant In The Room"

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