Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

I am excited to start the new year with an intention of completion.   I have started numerous projects in 2013 that are showing exceptional promise and deserve to be finished :) 

My mom and I have been offered a gallery showing at The Chapel Gallery in North Battleford, SK, Canada for the month of October 2014.   We will be sharing the Window Salon showing 36 pieces between the two of us.   My half of these will include related quilt and painting combinations. 

As an example "The Crazy Basket of Friendship" 
will be paired with "Ocean Sky". 

For completion, please watch for updates on these projects:

The backing and quilting design has been chosen 
and it will go to the quilter this week! 

  I love this technique and am always looking for ways 
to use denim to create a lighter-weight quilt. 

 This is a beautiful start to a meaningful friendship quilt.  
Watch for a painting pairing for October 2014.  

A bouquet of wildflowers will be placed in a diagonal setting 
with this strip-pieced technique. 

Another strip-pieced method made with beautiful Japanese prints.   
Look forward to a colorful quilt. 

Another friendship quilt that my guild is helping me with.
It's so fun to see the friendship blocks that are being made!

Quilt Happy in 2014!

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