Monday, 15 July 2013

Organizing With Warm & Cool Colors

This is a system purchased from IKEA
that makes an excellent storage solution for fabric and yarn.  

The shelving system is very easy to assemble (I did it myself)
and the bins to insert come in many colors.  

It is very handy to be able to pull the bins out completely 
to take to your cutting table. 

Organizing by Warm & Cool Colors is a convenient way 
to have like color tones of fabric available for your projects.  

for an explanation of this Color Theory. 

In each bin is:

The Cool Colors:

The Warm Colors:
(As I don't have a lot of Yellows & Oranges in my stash, I have combined them in one bin.)  

The Neutrals (in one bin):
Black & Whites
Browns & Creams

And I can't forget about a couple of bins for yarn :) 

This bin that sits on top of the shelving unit has completed tops 
that are ready for custom quilting.  
There is my 3 & 8 Quilt Top  ready to go.  

In these fun green bins are
Fat Quarters and Japanese Prints. 

Happy Quilting!


Here is a nice new tutorial in the Warm Color Scheme

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