Wednesday, 29 August 2012

2 1/2" Scrap Strip Quilt for Baby - Tutorial

This is a fun quilt to make. As I have been making quilts I have been cutting the scraps into 2 1/2" strips and keeping them together in a plastic bag in my quilting kit.  When I had enough strips (40 or so) I put them together, added an applique and put this together for my new little nephew. 

The process is very simple:  First, using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew all of the strips together end-to-end. You will end up with one very, very long strip.  Now starting at the two ends (trying not to have a twist in the long, long strip) fold the strip in half (right sides together) and sew one long side together.

If you do end up with a twist in your strip you can cut the end prior to completing the seam.  No big deal. 

Cut the end apart that has the little fold.  Now fold this strip in half (no twists, right side together) and sew one long side together.  Cut apart the fold.   Keep repeating this until you have the size of quilt that you desire.    


Between my strips I put a 2 1/2" cream colored block.  This neutral colored block helps the quilt to have better color continuity when using multi-colored scraps. 

Add an applique of your choice for a foreground feature. 

Another suggestion for your scrap strips is to combine all warm colored strips (red/orange/yellow) or all cool colored strips (blue/purple/green).  This will give you a lovely quilt that looks like you planned it out from all new fabric.  

Happy Quilting :)


Here is another option:
and a link to the directions



  1. Hi Mel, I like your idea of the scraps in the strip quilt, I've done a couple using ajelly roll but this is interesting. I have some childrens quilts to do so will be trying it. Hope you had a great summer and the art show went well.
    Margaret Shipley

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  3. this is so neat..thanks for sharing... now i know what to do with them old jeans..

  4. I have done this type of plain shopping bags I used the borders of my old wornout jaree sarees. I am an Indian housewife residing in Mumbai. Nice to see some one doing thee same with scrap fabric.

    1. Your bags must be beautiful with the saree fabrics. Thank you for sharing this :)