Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Split Triangle Row Quilt (Step 1)


2 brightly colored Charm Packs or equivalent fabric cut into 5" squares.
2 neutral colored Charm Packs or equivalent fabric cut into 5" squares.

Using this tutorial, Making Half Square Triangles (Even If You Know How), make 48 HST blocks (4 1/2") for a small baby quilt or 96 HST blocks (4 1/2") for a lap quilt.  Each block will require one light and one dark 5" Charm Square.

 Organize your HSTs into sets of pairs with 
coordinating colors facing each other.  

Chain piece the pairs, remembering to keep the colored sides together.  


 Organizing your blocks as you desire, 
sew 3 of the sets together to make a row. 


Now, here is the fun part!
 Line your rows vertically on your cutting mat 
and cut them in half lengthwise.  
 Each half will be 2 1/4" wide.
 Rearrange your strips like this.  

 Or mix up the colors like this.  

Play around with the strips to create these pattern options. 


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Please find Step 2 here.



  1. I saw your finished quilt on the Quilting Board and I was in LOVE!! What a great design. Thanks for the tutorial. It is now on my quilty bucket list!!

  2. What a cool quilt. The pattern construction is unique, for sure. The hardest part for me would be that moment just before slicing down the middle of the rows!

    1. It is a bit scary, but also fun! Remember that half is 2 1/4".

  3. Thank you for the tutorial on this lovely quilt.

  4. What a cool idea, My next project. Thank You