Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pink Diamond Quilt Block

I bought a beautiful charm pack by Moda called "Color Theory" that worked well for this block.  One charm pack will produce 10 Pink Diamond blocks.

For each 9 1/2" block you will need:

4 charm squares (5"squares)
1 WOF strip x 1 1/2" wide of a neutral color.
6 X 24" ruler with marked angles.

Each block will use 26" of the 1 1/2" strip.  Keep this in mind when making multiple blocks as you will not need to cut a full WOF strip for each block.   

Place the intersecting 45 degree lines of your 6-Inch-by-24-Inch Quilter's Ruler at the bottom left corner of each charm square and cut along the ruler edge.  This one cut results in the 2 pieces that will be used for your block. 

Notice that the 45 degree intersecting lines are marked with a circle on this Omnigrid ruler. This 45 degree mark is placed on the bottom left hand corner of your charm square (5" square) for cutting.

If you are not interested in working with the 45 degree angle, 
this triangle ruler will work well also.
Use the 4" mark. 

The resulting pieces.  
Alternate the colors for an interesting block. 

Using a 1/4" seam sew the large cut pieces to the neutral 1 1/2" strip as in the above photo.  Press open using your desired method.  

Alternating your fabric colors, center the small triangle on the right side of your strip by lining up the points of the triangles across from each other.  Sew using a 1/4" seam allowance. 

 Press open.  Your 4 pieces now look like this. 

Trim to 5" square.  

You will trim the small triangle corner of your sewn piece.  The larger corner will not require trimming. In this photo you will notice the original pinked edges of the charm square on the large side. 

Place your 4 squares together and sew into your 9 1/2" block. 



  1. Looks gorgeous!! I think it might be hard for me to line up the second triangle. Also, I don't understand where to cut the first square, what measurement.

    1. Thank you for your questions. I am happy to clarify and have made a couple of edits to the pattern accordingly. The first square referred to as a charm square is a 5" square. The one cut is very easy to line up using the 45 degree intersecting lines on your 6x24" ruler, placing the intersection on the bottom left hand corner of your 5" charm square. You need a 6x24" ruler to achieve the cut. Only this one cut results in both pieces that are required for the block. I hope this helps. :)

  2. Read about your flood on Quilting Board. Are you alright? Love this block. Thanks for the answer.

    1. Thank you for asking about our flood. You are very sweet. We are all fine. Due to the water damage some drywall, baseboard, and a lot of the floor had to be taken out quickly by a specialized cleaning service. Everything is now sanitized and dehumidifiers are running. I am guessing it will be a couple of months before repairs are done. In Canada we also have a lot of room in the upstairs of our homes, so all is well. I will bring my sewing machine to the kitchen table soon :)