Tuesday, 14 March 2023

Blog Revisit 3 - Warm and Cool Colours for Quilters


Working with the simple concept of Warm and Cool Colours is a wonderful colour theory for quilters to use. The concept is simple and the results are spectacular!   


Warm and Cool Colours

Warm Colours 

Cool Colours


Please see the full explanation and tutorial here:   

Warm and Cool Colour Theory for Quilters


The gorgeous Dapple Fabrics 

provided by Patrick Lose Studio, 

a division of Northcott.  

Saturday, 11 March 2023

Blog Revisit 2 - The Wavy Border


This is such a great border and it looks so vibrant in these amazing "Dapple" fabrics by Patrick Lose Studios, a division of Northcott.  


The method of cutting and sewing together long strips, then splitting them is very efficient and simple for even a beginner quilter.

Here is a link to the free tutorial  including the math that you will need to produce this. 

Monday, 27 February 2023

Triple Fun Block - Blog Re-Visit with Aunty and Annie

The first Aunty and Annie Blog Re-Visit is here!  

Here is Annie catching the last of the gorgeous sun beams for the day to get these shots in. 

Aunty has chosen this block because of its beginner-friendly construction.   Annie made 4 blocks.  Aunty made 6.   These will become part of an Improv Quilt, together with future Blog Re-Visit Blocks.

Please find the tutorial here:  Triple Fun Block with Endless Options