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This is the basic pattern for the Quarter Circle Quilt (QCQ) Block.

Quilt patterns will follow in future posts 
 using this method in different variations.  

Select a fabric that has a predominant circular pattern.  
This "Two Daughters" fabric from Joann is an excellent choice with lots of great symmetry.   
This fabric is easy to cut with very little scrap-creation.
Some call it "waste", but I love my scraps! 

 Cutting through one layer at a time
trim the edge of your fabric to the edge of your motif.

Again through one layer only, cut the fabric into strips of your circular motif.  
Find the symmetry and be sure to cut along the edge of the motif. 

Cut the strips apart into individual shapes of your motif.  
In the case of my block these are now 5" square. 

 Now, for the Quarter Circle part! 

On a small cutting board that you can move easily,  
without moving your fabric square,
make a vertical cut and a horizontal cut 
creating 4 equal Quarter Circles.   

Truly, you are cutting squares, but I refer to the circular motif 
when I write "Quarter Circles".  

 I absolutely love how these Quarter Circles have created these beautiful hearts! 
Each piece is now 2 1/2" square.

Setting the Quarter Circles: 

Cut neutral fabric strips 3" wide.   

You will require 1 strip for every 5 blocks that you are making 
if your Quarter Circles are 2 1/2".  

Each Quarter Circle will result in 1 finished block. 

 Strip piece your Quarter Circles to the strip.  
Be careful here with the placement of your Quarter Circles
for the pattern that you wish to achieve.   

In the case of my fabric, I wanted to have the heart be the dominant shape.  

All Quarter Circles go onto the neutral strip in the same direction. 

 Press open and cut apart.  

 The Second Neutral Side:

 Now sew the pieces that you have just made to a neutral strip, 
again being careful with the placement for your desired design.  
Press and cut apart.

 Trim your blocks to 5" square.   
Do not trim on the Quarter Circle corner.  

This beautiful finished block 
is ready for some wonderful quilt designs!

QCQ 1 "Baby Love" Variation 

Pattern Link Here

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