Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Recycled T-Shirts Dust Mop Refill

I am continually dust mopping my sewing room floor using a disposable refill style mop.  I am trying hard, as we all are, to minimize my consumption and would like to stop discarding the mop refills.    Venturing off the path of quilting here a bit today, I made myself a dust mop refill and wanted to share the tutorial with you all.  This is so easy to make.  It is washable and, best of all, shakeable like the old-fashioned mops.  Here is a great way to recycle your old t-shirts and make a reusable mop pad.  2 for 1 for Mother Nature!

Fabric Requirement:  2 old t-shirts.
Time: 1 hour start to finish. 

 Cut 2 pieces of t-shirt 10" x 13".  
You can use a refill as a guide if you have one, 
cutting your fabric 1" larger all the way around. 

 Cut 6 pieces of t-shirt 13" x 13".  

 Sew the 2 - 10" x 13" pieces together, leaving an opening for turning.  
This makes the base of the mop pad.
Note: My base incorporated a fold, saving a seam on one side.  

Turn the base right-side-out and top stitch the opening shut. 

Layer your 6 pieces of 13" x 13" t-shirting and 
center them on the mop base on the 10" side. 

 Sew a seam down the center of the mop pad.  
Next, fold your 6 layers on each side of the center-line creating a "speed-bump".
Sew a line next to the bump on each side of your center stitching.   

 Bottom view after the 3 stitching lines are complete.  

 Clip the 6 layers of the mop top,  
being careful not to clip through the mop base.

  Cut through the speed-bumps and clip. 

 Here it is, bottom and top! 


  1. This is such an inventive idea! Thank you for sharing it. We have more of these mops at home than we know what to do with but now I know what to do! This is great for us, we have two dogs and a toddler. There is always something that needs to be mopped up.

    1. Thank you Clifford! I love my dust mops and have made many for friends.

  2. And those mops you can also use bartowels. If you get white ones you can throw them in the washer in Clorox him real well and use them over and over and over.