Sunday, 13 January 2013

Finding Fabric Repeats Tutorial - an Easy Way

There are many interesting quilt patterns that require the use of  "Fabric Repeats".  This allows you to have numerous pieces of the exact pattern of the fabric.  

Here are the steps for a very EASY method to find your fabric repeats:

 1.  At the top edge of your fabric rip off approx 2" of fabric.  This will get your fabric on grain, as well as finding the edge of your first pattern repeat. 

 This ripped off piece will not remain uniform in size. 

2.   Now take the ripped off piece of fabric and slide it down your main piece of fabric, looking at the vertical edge.  Move the ripped piece down until you find the same pattern on the vertical edge.  
On the very right hand side of this photo, about halfway down, you will see the ripped off piece where the vertical edges are matching.  Look closely and you will see the horizontal ripped edge lined up on the exact repeat of the main fabric all the way across

 Here is a close-up detail of the vertical edge,
with the ripped piece on top.  

3.  Match up your fabric repeat by lining up the horizontal ripped line with the horizontal repeat on the large piece of fabric.  It's so easy and the repeat is perfectly placed. 

4. Snip and rip your main fabric where the ripped line matched up.   Rip your fabric section off of the main piece.  You want to rip (not cut) for fabric repeats to achieve the most accurate pieces of fabric possible.  Repeat this process for as many repeats as your pattern requires. 

  Detail photos. 

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