Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Tea Dye at DaDe Gallery

In January I spent a fabulous week with some special quilter friends at the DaDe Gallery on 9th Ave. in the Inglewood area of Calgary.  The space is wonderful, full of beautiful light.  On one of our days there we experimented with tea dying of cotton fabric.  We had sample sizes of fabrics, some cut in 5" width of fabric strips and some pieces were in approx. 12" squares.  We had many kinds of black and berry teas, resulting in all kinds of beautiful and natural brown and pink colors.  Some of the teas we diluted with boiling water for a full color bath.  Some of the berry teas we spread on the fabric, rolled it up, then covered it with a bit of boiling water to get a mottled effect.  We heat set the dye with a hot iron after the fabric dried.  Thanks, Connie, for a fun idea with such interesting results!